Objectives   Globalisation and modernisation speed up people’s lives, turning their world into a village. In a world of flows, feelings of unsafety, uncertainty, and insecurity occur. Some people may become ‘global villagers’ while others are ‘chained to place’. Especially in the context... Read more


Objectives   This study attempts to compare the sustainability initiatives and practices of Munich, (Germany), and Portland, Oregon (USA) since the 1970s. Munich calls itself a “green city” and is striving to be “climate-neutral” before 2050. Portland, Oregon, once a highly... Read more


Objectives   This project seeks to understand how the establishment of Germany’s first National Park (Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald) in the 1970s has transformed livelihoods and environments in the easternmost region of Southern Germany. It studies the relationship between social and... Read more


Course objectives   The sustainable management of natural resources located in publicly accessible areas of shared urban space (for example, parks, woodlands, footpaths, waterways) is increasingly dependent upon the collaborative engagement of multiple stakeholders. The active engagement... Read more


Project objectives   Urban agroecology is emerging as a specific type of urban agriculture, encompassing the social, cultural, ethical and productive approaches typical of ‘peasant’ agroecology (i.e. socially and culturally just and appropriate, and resource-conserving, agricultural and... Read more