Davis, Scott

Davis, Scott

Research Fellow

Department of Spatial Planning and Environment, University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Research Interest

Scott Davis is an Early Stage Research Fellow and Ph.D student based in the University of Groningen within the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. He is undertaking work stream ESR5 – Perception of Risk: Adaptive Community Strategies within the RECOMS project. He is investigating how to influence citizens risk reducing behaviour using creative, participatory methods to build a stronger attachment between communities and their environments.


Scott is a social scientist whose background includes working on the EU FP7 funded project “DRIVER+” assisting in the delivery of community resilience work packages within crisis management scenarios. He worked for the British Red Cross as a researcher for two and a half years, his research work included community resilience modelling and supporting a number of humanitarian and public health research projects. Scott has also worked at the Scottish Government in environmental policy and as a government social researcher in public health, specifically mental health, contributing to Scotland’s suicide prevention strategy. He holds an undergraduate degree in International Policy and a post graduate degree in Research Methods.