Kneafsey, Moya

Kneafsey, Moya

Professor and RECOMS Project Coordinator

Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience, Coventry University, UK

Academic background

Since 1997 my research has followed two inter-related strands. On one hand, and ever since working on my PhD, I have been interested in how ‘traditional’ cultural resources are commodified for tourism, especially in European rural contexts. On the other, I am intrigued by attempts to ‘reconnect’ consumers, producers and food through ‘alternative’, local and short food supply chains. Both strands are connected by a critical interest in how to develop social and economic practices which are sustainable, fair and ethically sound. I have undertaken projects on cultural tourism, quality products, rural development and community participation in food production and I’ve also conducted research on consumer perceptions of food security.

My work has been funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Campaign to Protect Rural England, the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the European Commission and Garden Organic.

I currently lead the ‘Community Self-Organization for Resilience’ research theme at Coventry University’s Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience .

Research Interests

Culture economies; Participatory research methods; Short food chains, local and community food initiatives; Reforming food systems to deliver sustainable, resilient and socially just development

Vision Statement

Underpinning all my research interests is a desire to undertake work that contributes to the formation of more sustainable, resilient and ethically sound livelihoods and lifestyles. Through my current focus on food chains and community food initiatives, I want to develop critical insight into the social and economic innovations which have the potential to deliver human health and wellbeing, without destroying vital planetary resources. My aim is to undertake research which is collaborative in style and accessible and meaningful to as many different audiences as possible.