Objectives   There is a sense of urgency for transitioning to more resilient places and adapting to environmental challenges ahead (e.g. climate change, energy, food, etc.). Throughout Europe, community initiatives play a major role in fostering these transitions by building more... Read more


Objectives   Society as a whole is witnessing the ‘rise’ of individuals, groups and collectives, being associative in their desires and wishes and creative in arrangements and assemblies to getting things done. Importantly for spatial planning, such groups and individuals are also... Read more


Objectives   Dutch government is experimenting on a large scale with innovations and creative solutions in the field of smart mobility and sustainability i.e. circular economy in construction, climate adaptability, energy reduction and issues concerning liveability. It specifically... Read more


Objectives   Throughout their lifetime, inner-city waterway canals have impacted upon the physical and cultural landscapes of adjacent communities. This includes, for example, the development of waterways for transport, leisure, culture, drainage and/or irrigation; as well as waterways... Read more


Course objectives   Local Food Systems (LFS) are seen as an appropriate way of taking climate into account while striving for more resilient and resourceful communities, in urban as well as periurban and rural areas. Issues such as participation in decision making and power relations are... Read more


Objectives   Family farms depend on the natural resources and on the communities in which they are embedded. Often, these interdependencies have been severed due to pressures from markets and regulations. These have undermined the autonomy of farmers, as the power to decide how food is... Read more


Objectives   In Europe there are areas with substantial green infrastructure and resources, but few people. As well as being sparsely populated, these areas are also often difficult to access. This project will explore the ways in which communities within such spaces address the... Read more


Objectives   Rural communities manage a wide variety of natural resources. Yet, the access to these resources and the distribution of their benefits is often unequal in the community, differing along gender lines, age groups, and ownership structures. This unequal access may reinforce... Read more


Objectives Local culture in all its possible meanings, ranging from cultural activities to cultural understandings of nature, can be a critical asset for building community resilience. This is often the case in particular in areas which are vulnerable environmentally, socially and culturally,... Read more


Objectives   Open space is under pressure due to the increasing population density and processes of urbanisation and counter-urbanisation. Moreover, the remaining open space is scarce and the subject of debate. Various functions such as nature development, residential development,... Read more