Hakkarainen, Viola

Hakkarainen, Viola

Research Fellow

LUKE Natural Resources Institute, Finland

Research interest

Viola’s research interests include co-creation of knowledge and sustainability transformations, which she is going to explore in relation to nature-based culture as an ESR in the RECOMS.


Viola holds a master’s degree in Social-ecological resilience for sustainable development from Stockholm Resilience Centre (Stockholm University). During the transdisciplinary master’s programme, she became interested in links between science and society, scientific knowledge and action. This interest took her to a journey to study knowledge exchange between external researchers and local stakeholders in small-scale fisheries in Zanzibar, Tanzania, as a case study for her thesis. Viola has a background in social sciences as her bachelor’s degree in Global development at Stockholm University combined political science, social anthropology, economic history and human geography with a focus on development. Viola specialised in human geography to gain better understanding about human-environmental interactions. Multi- and transdisciplinary backgrounds have given Viola methodical flexibility, yet she is most familiar working with qualitative methods.