De Waegemaeker, Jeroen

De Waegemaeker, Jeroen


Social Sciences Unit, Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research, ILVO, Merelbeke, Belgium

Research Interests

My research focusses on spatial planning and design, climate adaptation and agriculture. I am inspired by the question how to develop the agricultural landscape in an urbanising world. Interrelated to this, I investigate the role of agriculture in the creation of climate-proof territories. More specific research topics are the food-water-land nexus, the spatial planning of open space and agriculture, the governance of agricultural landscapes and innovative policy instruments for peri-urban territories. In my PhD research I used research-by-design to grasp the complexity of climate change in peri-urban territories and to explore potential adaptation strategies. Moreover, I studied the added value of a design process in the governance of climate adaptation. Throughout my current research, I use my creative skills to set-up innovative focus groups and multi-actor processes.


Jeroen De Waegemaeker graduated as an architect and engineer at the University of Leuven in 2010. In 2012 he obtained a degree in urbanism and spatial planning at the Artesis University College. At the start of his research career Jeroen was involved in the research project CcASPAR at Ghent University. He was responsible for the research-by-design on climate adaptation in the coastal area of Flanders. From 2013 until 2017 he conducted his research at ILVO and the University of Antwerp. Jeroen obtained his PhD in 2017 for his research ‘Climate-proof through Design’. As a senior researcher at ILVO, he performs and supervises research in various research projects, both European projects, nationally funded research projects and smaller projects funded by local governments. The combination of these projects allows to be closely involved in the different levels of governance, from European government to the daily practice of local governments, from policy makers to local communities and from the point of view of different policy areas.