Policy roundtable and launch of the re-adjust Tool

Jun/10 10:30 - Jun/10 12:30

Social justice, citizen empowerment and stakeholder engagement in urban food strategies

Réka Livits - Visualive

Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 10:30 to 12:30

Social justice, citizen empowerment and stakeholder engagement in urban food strategies:

Policy roundtable and launch of the RE-ADJUSTool

Thursday June 10th 2021 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM (CET)

Online (Zoom) 

Are you concerned about food insecurity, access to land and resources for farmers and food initiatives or skewed power dynamics in our food system? Do you have ideas and examples of how to tackle such challenges in your city or region? Are you involved in or do you want to set up a food partnership, strategy or policy council? And would you like to engage more citizens and organisations to create a sense of urgency, community and shared ownership?

Then let’s exchange views, lessons, techniques, frustrations, best practices and recommendations! Join us at this policy roundtable to hear from others who face and are working to resolve similar sets of challenges, and to get a first glimpse of the RE-ADJUSTool (REflecting on & ADvancing Justice in Urban food Strategies Tool). This engagement toolkit is designed to enable policy-makers, practitioners and citizens to jointly unpack, discuss and integrate social justice within their specific economic, cultural and political food governance contexts. Learn more about the tool’s features and functionalities during the event!

The roundtable will include representatives (researchers, policy-makers & practitioners) from several H2020 projects and inter-municipal networks around food, including RECOMS, FoodSHIFT 2030, COACH, COCOREADO, Stadslandbouw Nederland and FOOD TRAILS. The discussants will offer short reflections on how social justice, stakeholder engagement and citizen empowerment are being approached in a range of different food partnerships, and share their thoughts on the RE-ADJUSTool and other participatory methods.

The policy roundtable is a side event of Spaces of Possibility and is open for anyone with an interest in food governance. The audience will have the opportunity to interact via the chat and Mentimeter and to claim a spot on the interest list for receiving a free pilot version of the material RE-ADJUSTool package in English or Dutch. A digital version will be made publicly available later this Summer.

To receive the latest programme updates and link to the event please register here by June 7th.