Partners and Specialist Practitioner Advisors

Shared Assets, England

Shared Assets

Shared Assets believes land is a common good that should deliver shared benefits for everyone. They provide practical advice, support and training to landowners and communities; undertake research, policy and advocacy work to help create an environment where common good models of land management can flourish; they feed learning from this and all other work into advocacy, campaigning, and new innovations.

Bavarian Forest National Park, Germany

Bavarian Forest National Park

The Bavarian Forest National Park, the first national park in Germany, was officially opened on 7th October 1970. The forest of the national park shows a truly independent, self-assured life; it shows its transitoriness and new coming-into-being. Windthrow, bark beetle, snow damage, red deer, lynx and wolf, willowherb and snowbells, touchwood, collapse, and impenetrable young forest wilderness, are all not uncommon in the forest.

Peergroup of Stichting, the Netherlands

Peergroup of Stichting

PeerGrouP is based in the North of the Netherlands, in a rural area, their work is usually site specific and site generic in a socially engaged manner. They are working on a site and trying to find a (temporary) place in the community. By making use of the local artistic skills and fascinations, curiosity awakens. This is a starting point: from curiosity grows complicity and from complicity a desire to cooperate might emerge.