Through a bespoke programme of advanced training events, courses, secondments and doctoral studies, RECOMS will enhance the Scientific, Professional, Personal and Transferable Skills of the ESRs. It will increase their mobility and enhance their career prospects as researchers, policy makers, facilitators, consultants, social innovators and/or environmental educators.

The training programme is organised around a 36-month schedule of joint training events. This will include seminars, tutorials, small-group intervision sessions, two integrated action-based learning residentials (with a specific focus on community-led approaches to food sovereignty and sustainable energy), visual learning and communication exercises, symposia and two doctoral summer schools (open also to external participants).

The event-based training schedule will be complemented by an online guided programme of reflective learning, local training at hosting institutes (including compulsory training in and on-the-job training via two secondments). At least one of the secondments will be with a non-academic organisation.

Jun 07

Spaces of Possibility: communities and places in times of social and environmental uncertainty