Voices of the future

Read Ina Horlings, RECOMS mentor reflections of stories about our future and climate change on the Transforming Places blog site. She divulges some stories about climate change in the perspective of good and bad, and how that influences the narrative and further story-making. To illustrate this she presents two collections of stories recently published. 

Voices of the Future

In her post, Ina introduces two collections of stories. Karen O’Brien from the University of Oslo and colleagues have collected stories in the book ‘Our Entangled Future’, where the authors raise awareness of not only what is happening in the world, but to how it may be experienced by others, both now and in the future mostly in terms of climate change emphasising that stories can change our world. Stories can encourage us to question dominant modes of thinking, relating, acting, and governing, and they can inspire new understandings of the patterns and relationships that are shaping our future. A free copy can be downloaded here

The book ‘Once upon the Future: Everyday Adventures that change the world’ is a great book targeted at children from 7 till 11 years, but also very inspiring for adults to read. It offers an anthology of stories, inspired by the research of 6 sustainability scientists. The book aims at triggering children’s curiosity about their environment, highlight the importance of cultural traditions, nurture feelings of hope and care for the Earth, and empower readers to bring up change in their communities. Each story is sprinkled with humor and magical realism, enlivened with beautiful illustrations, and complemented by educational resources. To support this book and get it published in different languages you can join the facebook group and Twitter (@UponFuture) pages of ‘Once Upon the Future’! You can also get in touch via [email protected].

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