Transforming Places together - new blog by RECOMS

A new blog, "Transforming Places together" was recently launched with the support of RECOMS and SUSPLACE MSCA ITN projects. The new blog provides a platform on transformative change with the aim to show how people, citizens initiatives and resourceful communities collectively can shape and transform their neighborhood in the time of current challenges including climate change. The other aim of the blog to induce international exchange on practices and thus, also calls for sharing experience by contributions all around the world.

The new blog - initiated by Prof. Lummina Horlings and Dr Gwenda van der Vaart, University of Groningen in the Netherlands - was started to offer a platform on transformative change. The main objective is to create awareness and inspire about the transformative change needed in current challenges including climate change, energy crisis and our unsustainable way of living. To address these burning issues communication and exchange about the transformation of places and communities are very much in need along with the details how people, businesses and governments can support and take part in such transformations. 

The blog also focuses on inspiration and information sharing as wel as networking and impact beyond already existing project websites therefore, contributions about research and other inspirational knowledge is welcomed from various people and organisations. 

Additionally, the blog aims to create social impact through knowledge valorisation by translating scientific information towards non-academic parties (practical experts, policy makers,consultants, relevant social organizations) and vice versa: translating practical knowledge into scientific relevance (impact goal).

If you have any relevant ideas in mind you would like to post about, please contact the blog admins on [email protected],

The blog is a follow up and sponsored by the MSCA ITN funded programs SUSPLACEand RECOMS.