RECOMS fellow to co-create Coventry Canal with art

RECOMS fellow, Sergio Ruiz Cayuela, works with local communities in Coventry, UK to reclaim and revitalize the Coventry Canal and turn into a more pleasant landscape with the help of the residents. This time he organized an art workshop to enable future local visions to be materialized on a canvas - and hopefully later on, in reality.

Photo by Sergio

Sergio Ruiz Cayuela works in Coventry, UK to create ownership of the Coventry canal and its surroundings with local communities and to celebrate the Coventry Canal from a multicultural perspective as well as to raise awareness of the environmental value of the waterway. Apart from the "Reclaiming the Coventry festival" organized in the summertime, he also recently held an arts workshop with local participants a few weeks ago. The aim of the workshop was to jointly imagine the future of the Coventry Canal to be built together beyond community gardening, where Sergio and the locals already excel at thanks to the numerous and colorful organized programs. "Community", "Inclusive", "Peace", "Friendship" and "Power to the People!" were the words written down by attendees as values that the local group should promote but let the final outcome, the painted canvas talk for itself. If you want to find out more about Sergio and his work with local communities or if you are around and want to join, take a peep at the Reclaiming the Coventry Canal Facebook site.