'Reclaiming the Coventry Canal’

RECOMS fellow, Sergio Ruiz Cayuela within the frame of a local project in Coventry, 'Reclaiming the Coventry Canal' helps to empower local communities by enabling them to participate in organizing a local festival in 2019 summer. The festival organization advances well with active and many-folded inputs provided in the already held two workshops.

Sergio's project, ‘Reclaiming the Coventry Canal’ is a joint effort of Coventry University's CAWR, University of Warwick  and The Coventry Peace House and is realised within the frame of the RECOMS project. The aim of the project is to organise a festival in which the local community will reclaim the Coventry Canal while highlighting its historical, environmental and cultural value. The festival will be co-organised among researchers, local organisations and members of the community through a series of workshops. In this process, special efforts will be made to empower traditionally under-represented communities. The festival organization advances well by two workshops already held with the active involvements of local stakeholders. The activities do not only help Sergio's RECOMS research topic on transforming urban environments, but local communities as well to play active role in using and shaping their environment. Stay tuned abour further information on the local festival celebrating the Coventry Canal!