Collee, Lauren

Collee, Lauren

Research Fellow

Rachel Carson Center, LMU Munich, Germany

Research Interest

I’m interested in place-based studies of socio-ecological systems, which take into account the ways in which places are constructed through narrative. For my Masters dissertation, I looked at the ways in which migratory seabird populations disrupt and complicate certain human narrative constructions of the island of St Kilda off the west coast of Scotland, ultimately becoming co-creators of a dynamic and uncertain landscape. My current project with the Recoms ITN, co-supervised by Christof Mauch and Ika Darnhofer, will be an environmental history of the Bavarian Forest. I am starting from an understanding of place as both real and constructed, considering the ways we narrate landscape as inextricable from the material trajectories of landscapes themselves.


After completing my undergraduate degree in English and French at Oxford University, I completed a Master of Science in Science Technology Studies (STS) at UCL in 2017. While living in London, I worked first for an organization aiming to reduce e-waste through community repair, and subsequently for a political writing prize for young people. As a RECOMS Early Stage Researcher, I am now based at the Rachel Carson Centre for Environment and Society in Munich. In my spare time I like to write creatively, and my work has been published in several small press literary magazines.