The Mirror


This creative methods site was compiled by Kelli Rose Pearson and illustrated by Réka Livits (

Title The Mirror
Purpose This method is intended to empower participants, create trust, and evoke personal narratives and perspectives about their identities using an appreciative inquiry approach.
Time 15 minutes to one hour
Description Participants are asked to describe the activities/tasks, positive qualities, and abilities of another in a group. By asking them to describe another, they can express observations and nuances that they might not feel comfortable sharing when talking about themselves. When used with vulnerable communities that don’t feel confident in their own worth, opinions, and capacities, this activity could be useful to identify what tasks are being done and how. It can be useful to foster collaboration and increase self-esteem.
Describe the Materials/preparation needed
Low preparation time
Use Warm-up, Reflecting/Metabolising
  1. Ask everyone in the group to form pairs and stand face-to-face with their partner.
  2. For the first minutes, participants will stand in silence and look into each other’s eyes.
  3. Next, participants take turns talking about the other’s positive qualities, what their differences are, and what tasks and responsibilities they have in the community.
  4. Depending on the the level of trust in the group, each pair can share with the larger group, or can share in the form of an interview with the facilitator.
References & Resources
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