Vezzoni, Ruben

Vezzoni, Ruben

Research Fellow

LUKE Natural Resources Institute, Finland

Research Interest

The focus of my research is about including natural resources in the economic domain. This can be done through various schools of thoughts, depending on assumptions and methodologies adopted. Ranging from an economical, ecological or institutional approach, my research is aimed at shaping a framework to assess environmental management. From this perspective, it is of crucial importance to understand which could be the array of instruments needed to evaluate natural resources and ecosystem services, particularly when dealing with a society benefiting from these services. Furthermore, I am interested also in investigating innovative economic and financial mechanisms that could create a virtuous circle to preserve nature and the communities relying on its ecosystem services.


Before joining LUKE for the RECOMS project in Green Economies and Ecosystem Services, I worked in the private market for two years, mostly in the financial sector, both at national and European level. During this period I developed a deeper understanding of financial mechanisms. Although I have done my BSc studies in political science at the University of Bologna – with a focus on Statistics in International Development – I then shifted my focus on economics. I graduated in Environmental Economics at the University of Siena, with a thesis on the Conservation Finance. During my MSc I participated in the establishment of a student association called “Rethinking Economics”. The association forms part of an international network whose ultimate objective is precisely to overcome the narrow neoclassical approach on behalf of a multidisciplinary and transversal study of economics. In the course of my studies I got three Erasmus scholarships: I studied at the University of Salford and at the University of Lille, and worked in Brussels. Besides these experiences, I also spent a year at the Political Sciences Faculty at the University of Milan.