Trell, Elen-Maarja

Trell, Elen-Maarja

Assistant Professor

Department of Spatial Planning and Environment, University of Groningen, the Netherlands



Overall, my work centers around the ‘social side’ of spatial planning. I am predominantly interested in the role of local level initiatives, social innovation and collective action in creating more resilient and sustainable places. The themes I explore within this context include: community resilience and the relevance of cooperative action in declining (rural) areas, flood resilience and local flood action groups, urban food systems and food policy, and the governance of renewable energy initiatives. In my more recent projects I have critically analyzed the ways in which the concept ‘resilience’ can be translated into spatial planning practice and the ways the concept is influencing the governance of vulnerable places. I am specialized in using qualitative, visual and (inter)active research methods such as (participatory) video, mental mapping and go-along interviews. In my previous research projects I explored young people’s place attachment and influential aspects for well-being of rural youths (problem behavior; gender roles; citizenship) in their everyday context.