Horlings, Lummina

Horlings, Lummina

Adjunct Professor

Department of Spatial Planning and Environment, University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Academic background

2016-now: Adj. Prof. Socio-Spatial Planning, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, Spatial Planning and Environment, University of Groningen.

2010-2016: Assistant Professor, Rural Sociology Group, Wageningen University.

2009-2010: Researcher sustainable rural and regional development, School for City and Regional Planning (CPLAN), Cardiff University, Wales, UK.

2004-2009: Researcher and policy advisor, Telos Centre for Sustainability, University of Tilburg.

2003: Coordinator and co-author of the Vision part of the National Plan for a Versatile Countryside, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Rural Department, The Hague.

2000-2002: Policy Advisor, researcher and program manager rural development, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Expertise Centre, Wageningen/Ede.

1997-2000: Program manager Business Unit Green & Space, Plan Development DLV Consultancy, Wageningen,

1996-1997: Researcher nature management, Centre for Agriculture and Environment (CLM), Utrecht.

1990-1995: Researcher and lecturer, Radboud University Nijmegen.

academic objectives

Place-based development, Socio-Spatial Planning, (Inter-)subjective aspects of planning, Sense of Place, Values & culture, Leadership, Coalitions and Cooperation, Sustainable spatial (urban/rural/regional) Development, Spatial Transformation, Place Branding.